Preschool Booklets

I threw together two little preschool booklets for my littlest one to complete, and I thought I’d share the downloadable files I created. I printed them on cardstock so they will hold up to paint dots, markers, etc.

Laurel gets to pick exactly what she wants to do with hers, but some of the options might be decorating the number cards with a corresponding number of colors or paint dots. For the abcs book, we might decorate it with something that starts with that letter, such as glitter for “g,” buttons for “b,” you get the idea. Stickers are also an option.

Here are PDFs of the abcs book and the number book. Just print, color, cut on the dotted lines, and assemble with a stapler. Or punch a hole in the top left corner and slide a book ring through it.

Laurel will be counting up to the 100th day as part of our preschool plan. She will be making a construction paper chain with these 100 links. They are 1 inch by 9 inches long and maybe I’ll even convince her to do a rainbow pattern with them! She’ll also be adding mini-sized popsicle sticks to a jar each school day, and on the 100th day we’ll go do something fun to celebrate.

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