I Love Forms

Did you get your U.S. Census forms in the mail today? I did. And I am one person who actually likes filling out forms. It’s strange, yes, but very true. Must be because I am a “rule follower” at heart. I especially like forms that ask for you to use pencil. There’s just something very satifisfying about writing with a nicely sharpened Ticonderoga pencil. But that’s another story entirely.

I also like creating forms. A few weeks ago I re-created a form from the back of a book our small group used for Bible study. It is a Bible Reading Highlights form. I enlarged it and tweaked it a little because there were just a few tiny things I didn’t like about the original.

Anyway, since it is a PDF, I thought I’d share it below, just in case you share this same strange love for filling out forms.


Happy Bible reading!

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