Love is in the Hair

Linnea donated 10 inches of her beautiful, silky smooth blond hair to Locks of Love today. Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides  hair pieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss.

Long before…

And shortly after…

Love is most definitely in the hair.

8 thoughts on “Love is in the Hair

  1. Linnea how kind and generous of you to share your beautiful blonde hair with someone else. Now they can feel just as pretty as you look. The shorter style is very becomming on you. I am so proud of you. Aunt Bel

  2. Miss Linnea! I love your BIG heart. You have done something truly amazing for others in need. Good for you! You make me so proud, I’m going to tell other people about what you’ve done. Then people all the way in Arkansas, whom you’ve never even met, can learn from your example. Plus, your new hairstyle is super-cute!
    Lots of love, Aimee

  3. Dear Linnea, I am smiling in my heart because of your wonderful gift. I know this kind of generosity is found in everyone in your family – your mom and dad and Laurel are also full of love. lease give everyone a hug from us and enjoy your cute new haircut! Aunt Lilac

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