On the Right Path

Socialization is one of those words that usually gets a reaction from someone who homeschools. Some are known to laugh and roll their eyes; others are ready with a list of weekly activities they are involved in to ensure interaction with other kids; and still others get defensive and start spewing facts and figures.

Good or bad, socialization is usually not a topic I like to debate with someone who has their kids in public school. But I’m sure I join homeschoolers everywhere in liking this Washington Times article about two studies that demonstrate socialization is not a problem. 

“Both “Homeschooling Grows Up” and “Fifteen Years Later” amply demonstrate home-school graduates are active, involved, productive citizens. Home-school families are leading the way in Canadian and American education, and this new study clearly demonstrates home-school parents are on the right path.”

You can read the full article here: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/dec/13/home-schooling-socialization-not-problem/

2 thoughts on “On the Right Path

  1. I read the article. I disliked that the article is biased from the beginning as it is pushed by a huge homeschool advocate. I don’t worry about socialization with my (homeschooled) kids. (I love to ask people who worry about it what ‘socialization’ means to them. Everyone has a different definition.)

    I do wish there were more independent studies over time. But studies do take money and non-homeschool advocates aren’t likely to study something that doesn’t interest them or affect them. So, I understand why there aren’t more of them. I just don’t point to that article as proof. It just doesn’t “look right” when it comes from a biased source (including the institute/person who does the study). Just keep that in mind!

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