3 Quick Weekend Highlights

Here’s a quick roundup of our weekend:

A Moment of Bloggy Fame

Friday my good friend Jonda and I went to Mudd Lake Furniture in nearby Watertown for dinner and a special social gathering with blogging superstar MckMama. It was fun to meet Jennifer Mckinney in person and talk about homeschooling, potty training, blogging and the like. I also met a really nice fellow homeschooler, Christy, who is quite an inspiring person as well. She is mother to seven children (two are hers and five are children of her husband’s late first wife.) MckMama even posted two pictures of my friend Jonda and one picture of me on this blog post of hers. Can you find me? I guess we are famous now! Unfortunately, I managed to pick up a MckCold that evening, which put a damper on the rest of our weekend plans. Sigh. At least Linnea seems to be on the mend…

A Premature Snowfall

firstsnowetc 001

Saturday morning Laurel woke us all up by exclaiming loudly: “It snowed! It snowed!” Sure enough, we had a thin blanket of white stuff covering the entire yard. By mid-day, it was windy and still only about 25 degrees, but eventually it warmed up enough (to an impressive 38 degrees, I think) to melt away the snow. The girls were sure to play in snow while it was here, of course! Since I wasn’t feeling well, Michael dressed them in their snowgear

A Jack-O-Lantern Smile

firstsnowetc 004

Sunday evening during supper Linnea surprised us all when her top front tooth literally fell out onto her tongue. She is stumbling over words with “s” in them, and it is certainly adorable! We keep teasing that she looks like a Jack-O-Lantern when she smiles. My bet is the other front tooth will be gone before the end of the month!

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