At the Orchard


On Saturday, the fruit was ripe and the weather was sunny and 73 — as perfect as it gets here in the Frozen Tundra! So, like many, many Minnesotans, our family dashed off to the apple orchard for some fun for all senses. This was our first trip to Fall Harvest Orchard in Delano, which really is a farm.




The girls loved picking Honeycrisp apples and wasted no time devouring them.


Linnea, whose top front teeth are both loose, has mastered the sideways bite.


Sitting and playing in the corn crib was quite an experience, too! 


Another highlight was feeding the goats and petting the kids. Aren’t they adorable?


The bright orange pumpkins were a cheerful and colorful sight. But when Michael decided it was too early and still too warm outside to buy pumpkins, he forfeited his candidacy for Father of the Year. Sigh.


Fortunately, feeding apples to the cows was a nice distraction from the pumpkin trauma.

We still plan to make a trip soon to what we consider the best-ever apple orchard — Deardorff’s — to gather up apples for pie-baking. Because, of course, the only thing more fun than eating Honeycrisp apples is eating homemade apple pieYum!



One thought on “At the Orchard

  1. That looks like so much fun! We talked about hitting an orchard this weekend but it never did happen – I hope this cold blustery (and freezing overnights) weather does not make us regret waiting one more weekend!

    I look forward to meeting you next week! 🙂 lo

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