More Blindspots in Homeschooling

Earlier this summer I posted about blindspots in homeschooling. I came across another similar list recently — I believe it was in an article at Heart of the Matter, but I’m not 100% certain of that. Anyway, I jotted it down and have been praying that God would protect our homeschool from these pitfalls, that He would give us discernment and wisdom to avoid them altogether, and that He would help us to correct any of these with which we are already struggling. Some of these make me laugh because I could never imagine them, and others really hit home as potential problem areas!

Here’s the list:

  • unrealistic expectations (or none) regarding yearly or daily goals
  • over-scheduling or under-scheduling
  • ignoring children’s feedback
  • overspending
  • isolation
  • thinking you can do it all
  • striving to convince everyone else that they, too, should homeschool

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