Countdown to 1st Grade & Preschool

Another homeschool year kicks off in just two weeks, so we are counting down the days until 1st grade begins for Linnea and preschool begins for Laurel.

We are using My Father’s World again for American history, geography, Bible, science, some art and music. RightStart Math, First Language Lessons, A Reason for Handwriting, and Spelling Workout round out the course of study. I am feeling more organized this year because (1) we have a dedicated space for homeschooling since we finished our basement last spring and (2) I have put together a homeschool planner, as suggested by I am most excited about studying American history with Linnea because it was one of my favorite subjects as a high schooler.

Linnea would tell you she is most excited about art class on Fridays with Mrs. Henriksen, piano on Tuesdays with Mrs. Peterson and ballet on Mondays at the PAC. Laurel would say she is most thrilled about dance at the PAC on Thursdays and storytime at the library with Mrs. Golden one Friday a month.

One project I’m personally very jazzed about for the upcoming school year is creating a homeschool yearbook. The photographer/scrapbooker in me LOVES this sort of thing! I got the idea online; here’s the link

Also, I stumbled across this lively homeschool version of the song “I will survive.” I encourage other homeschooling moms to check it out if you need a laugh or a pep talk as you prepare for the school year!

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