Kid Talk

For a while now, I have only been keeping a mental record of the funny conversations my kids have, and I worry I will forget them. So, here’s a quick effort to preserve at least a few in writing. I hope you laugh.


Linnea (at age 5): Did you say his mom and dad felt like they were on their Honeymood?

Laurel (at age 2): No Linnea; it’s a Honeymoon.

Linnea (laughing hard): Laurel said ‘Honeymoon!’ It’s not a Honeymoon, it’s a Honeymood. That’s so funny. Silly Laurel.


Linnea: Are they going to eat those fish, Daddy?

Laurel: You can’t eat fish!

Linnea: Yes, you can! They have chicken in them.


Linnea (age 6, describing her barnyard artwork): That’s the mama rooster sitting on her eggs.


Laurel (age 3, re-enacting Snow White with a real apple): Daddy, do I really have to just pretend to eat the poison apple?


Linnea (very calmly looking out the window): Oh, Mommy, it’s so beautiful outside.

Several minutes pass. Mommy finally makes it to the window to peek through the blinds. A thick blanket of white covers the yard this early November morning. The very first snowfall of the season. 

Mommy: Oh my goodness! It snowed! Yikes! I hope we’re not late getting to the airport.

Laurel (jumping up and down enthusiastically): It snowed! It snowed! Hooray! It snowed! Is it winter now?


Mommy: You need to finish your bagel before you have a donut.

Laurel: Can I take just three more bites?

Mommy: No, just finish the bagel if you want a donut.

Laurel: Can I take 89 more bites?

Mommy (laughing): Sure!

Linnea: What? She can’t take that many bites!


As our family van followed our friends’ van on a winding gravel road through the woods near the Boundary Waters, Laurel, age 3, commented: “Are we car hiking?”


Laurel, age 3, vocabulary lesson: chick-munk = chipmunk


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