Thou Silver Moon with Softer Gleam

Exploring the Moon
Exploring the Moon

This week we are continuing our study of space as we focus on the moon. Today we made an enormous 4 ft. 4 in. diameter sun out of orange construction paper, a tiny yellow moon (using a hole puncher), and a very small green planet Earth (about half an inch in diameter). It was humbling to see how huge the sun is and how tiny we are!

Our words to remember this week are “I am the light of the world.” The idea is that as Christians, we are like the moon. We reflect the Son’s light to the world to help show others the Way. We’ve been singing “This Little Light of Mine” all week, and tomorrow we are doing a couple of service projects as a way to let our little lights shine in our community. We’ve also been learning the hymn “All Creatures of Our God and King,” talking about waxing and waning, playing with the space men in the sensory tub, and reading books about the moon – Goodnight Moon, Happy Birthday Moon, and Little Bear Goes to the Moon (my favorite!)

By the way, our grapes from last week still aren’t officially raisins, but they are looking less and less grapey every day!

One thought on “Thou Silver Moon with Softer Gleam

  1. This would be my favorite week I think all that astronomy. Did you make a moon pie? I love the little bear went to the moon best – we also enjoyed “They came from Aarg!! as a good story of kids and space travel.

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