2 Thumbs Up for 10 Commandments

Last weekend I took Linnea (almost 5) to see The Ten Commandments, an animated movie about the life of Moses.  I tend to be pretty picky about what our family watches in terms of movies and TV because there’s so little value in most of it, but seeing this movie was the pleasant experience I hoped it would be.

The film started at the beginning of Moses’ life, when his mother put him in the basket and sent him down the river to keep him safe from the bad king. It continued with most of the highlights of Moses’ life, and then ended with him seeing the Promised Land from a distance as he passed the baton to Joshua.

Linnea really enjoyed watching the movie, especially since she’s heard so much about Moses’ life through stories in her children’s Bibles and knows most of the 10 Commandments herself. A few parts were unexpectedly frightening, like when Moses’ staff turns into a snake and eats up some other snakes in front of Pharoh. Having a general idea of what was going to happen next helped me talk her through those unsettling parts.

I can see us buying this when it comes out on DVD. Also, the company that produced this film is set to produce 11 more Biblical movies, and my hope is the next one will be about Joshua.

A side note: I had a post earlier about frustrations with Disney because of how Radio Disney cut “chosen by God” from radio ads about The Ten Commandments. The Christian Filmmakers Academy recently took an intensive theological and practical look at Disney’s 100 years of influence as a media giant. Read more about that here:


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